Nicki Minaj has had her hands full lately. After flying under the radar for the last little while, the rap queen is back in the public eye in full force, in the best and worst ways. On Wednesday, Nicki got involved in her most recent newsworthy event, when she and ex-boyfriend Meek Mill engaged in a nasty back-and-forth on Twitter, which brought up some serious accusations of domestic violence and child sexual abuse cover-ups. The whole ordeal shocked the Internet, and it all took place the same day that Nicki attended the Pollstar Live Conference. During a Q&A session with the audience, Nicki spilled about how she wished she'd been asked to spit on Beyoncé's "Sorry" and that "Yikes," the song she previewed on Instagram that includes a controversial Rosa Parks lyric, will not be her next official single. While Nicki is gearing up to put out new music, she did confess to having a few regrets when it comes to her old material.

Rich Fury/Getty Images for Billboard

While she notes that she still loves the visuals that accompanied some of these tracks, Nicki reveals that she wishes she'd never recorded a few of her biggest hits. "...So much of my discography. I wish I'd never recorded 'Anaconda,'" she said. "I like the video but *ugh.* I wish—my first ever solo song on Billboard was "Your Love." To this day I hate that—I love the video but I hate the song. I could go on and on. I hate "Starships." I mean, like, yo, "Starships"? Like, why did I do that? I really think that every time I hear it." The crowd laughs along with her, but many fans would probably disagree with at least one of these answers.

Do you agree with Nicki? Check out some more clips below from the Pollstar Live Conference: