While many could have predicted the end of Cardi B and Offset's relationship, nobody believed it would happen as soon as last night. Just a week prior to Cardi's shocking announcement, Offset had begun teasing a collaborative album with his wife. With his Migos solo project coming out next week, some believe the break-up is just a ploy to boost album streams. After all, everybody will be tuning in now to see if the rapper addresses their relationship problems. Nicki Minaj's fanbase is never tame - they always have something to say about current affairs. Considering their idol's history with Cardi B, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the Barbs are rejoicing over the failed marriage between Bardi and Set.

Twitter was set ablaze when the "Bodak Yellow" star revealed that she and Offset were getting separated. Reactions spanned between utter disbelief and tears flowing at full stream. When it comes to Nicki Minaj's fans, they've been backing the Queen since both artists were involved in physical and verbal scuffles. On social media, people tried to tie Cardi's relationship woes to Nicki, which doesn't make much sense. The Barbs were confused about why Nicki's name was being thrown into the discussion and clapped back.

As pop culture connoisseurs, we've witnessed tons of short-lived relationships. Cardi & Offset's breakup is one of the most surprising though. They seemed to be so in love but, as we all know, appearances aren't always the most accurate. Take a look at how some of Nicki's fans reacted to the news.