Feuds involving Nicki Minaj and *insert artist name here* have been popping off all week. The female rap sensation angered a ton of people this week after her Queen Radio episode on Monday. She took aim at Joe Budden, possibly fired off shots at Cardi B, and now, Shawnna is taking offense to her words. Nicki nonchalantly suggested that she's the best female rapper on the Joe Budden Podcast and, even though she may very well be correct, Shawnna wasn't pleased with the remark. She recorded a lengthy live-stream addressing the situation and afterwards, Ludacris came through with his own opinion. He asked in an Instagram comment who wanted smoke in the rap world, which got the Barbs on his own page, trolling him with tons of spam.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

As reported by Complex, Nicki Minaj's fans have found a new target, going after her former collaborator Ludacris online. Whether fans are inserting unicorn or clown emojis into his comments, Luda's page is experiencing much higher traffic than usual. Unfortunately, much of it is from Nicki stans who just want to entertain themselves with some drama. 

It's surprising to see Luda and Shawnna get caught up in this mess because, as the report points out, they were both once in her corner. Nicki seems to be taking no prisoners right now, adopting a ruthless attitude and coming for anybody that doubts her skills as a rapper. Are you digging this era?