The fallout of the Amber Guyger trial continues to raise questions. After Guyger, a former police officer, found herself entering the wrong apartment, she mistook accountant Botham Shem Jean for an intruder. Though a trained member of law enforcement, Guyger's instincts were to open fire, killing Jean in his own home. The tragedy was underscored by the notably sympathetic attitude toward Guyger during her subsequent, particularly from the presiding judge. Though Guyger received ten years of hard time, many felt that she reaped the benefits of a double-standard that has eluded young black offenders. 

Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

The story took another unfortunate turn after Joshua Brown, a key witness in the trial, was found murdered by a gunshot. Though police claimed his death came during a drug deal gone awry, the timing was curious to say the least.  Speculation of a deeper conspiracy was quick to spread, and public figures like Nicki Minaj wasted little time in voicing their displeasure. In fact, Minaj's stance was particularly livid, as evidenced by the Twitter post below. 

"I wonder if they were hugging on him after he got off the stand the way they were all boo hoo cryin, huggin on the murderer," writes Minaj. "Talk about a slap in the face. Go hug on his fatherless child now. He should've let ya'll suffer & minded his business." A scornful take, but an understandable one given the violence involved. Do you feel Nicki has a valid point?