As the Barbz continue to await a first-look at Nick Minaj's baby boy, the rapper is sharing the baby's cute coos with the world. Last month, news surfaced that Nicki and her husband Kenneth Petty welcomed their son, and since that time, the Queen rapper has laid low as she adjusts to her new life as a first-time mother. Immediately following the birth, there was a photo of a newborn baby floating around the internet with claims that it was a picture of Nicki's son, but the rapper quickly shut that down.

Nicki Minaj has been so private about her newborn son that she hasn't even shared his name, but she did post a photo of her little one's tiny feet one month ago. She returned on Friday (November 27) with another sneak peek at her bundle of joy, this time by releasing a brief audio clip to Twitter. In it, Mama Minaj speaks to her baby boy as he makes adorable sounds into the microphone.

"Say hi to the Barbz Papa Bear," Nicki said in the clip. "Say hi. What you doin'? Say something." When he coos, Nicki laughed and added, "Aw, you said hi to the Barbz. Good boy. Good boy." Her fans ate it up and haven't stopped talking about it on social media. Check it out below.