So far this year, Nicki Minaj has been both a total recluse, the center of attention, and everything in between. Early in 2018, we were wondering what Nicki had planned for the upcoming months since she had been on a social media hiatus for a long time. She eased herself back into the public eye, announced her Queen album, pushed back that album, and then became the center of attention once again for her feud with Cardi B. It's been pretty eventful so far and she's not finished yet. As one of the stars of Diesel's new campaign, she's currently in Milan to promote it and she was feeling herself while there.

The "Chun-Li" superstar has been rumored to be romantically linked to a few gentlemen but as of late, it's become increasingly possible that the "new boy" she's been discussing is Lewis Hamilton. He may or may not be the recipient of Nicki Minaj's love but she took to Instagram to find out which video was sexier so she could presumably send it to whoever "new boy" is. 

All of her fans got to see her showing off the goods before him, which is a little crazy if you think about it. We all know Nicki has a killer body and, of course, she's showing off her famous curves in both videos. The two are pretty similar as she starts out with her face, slowly moving down to reveal her torso in a skin-tight outfit and, finally, her booty. The Barbs seem to be pretty certain that her second video is the one but what do you think?