Nicki Minaj has been dropping plenty of new music in the last few weeks. First we got "Boss Ass Bitch", then her "Danny Glover" freestyle, and finally "Lookin' Ass Nigga" which also came complete with a Nabil-directed visual. She's currently in the process of crafting her thrid album, The Pinkprint, which she's confident will be a classic.

Calling in to DJ Drama's radio show, Nicki spoke at length on her recent musical endeavors. Check out some excerpts below.

On her upcoming album:

"I'm just working on the album. Nothing is gonna take precedence over that. Nothing matters to me more than creating a classic album right now. All of that can wait. I don't care about none of that. We at home, working it out."

On getting her props:

I can't play with the bars, because people need to realize that I'm not a female rapper, I'm just a rapper. I don't want to be called a 'female rapper. I just want you to give me my props. If that means that I have to go hard every time, that's what I'm gonna do.

On Drake's suggestion to do "Danny Glover":

Drake suggested it to me, and I chilled for a minute and put out "Boss Ass Bitch". I was in the club with Young Money and when that song came on, I saw how people reacted to it. Literally 6 hours later I woke up and wrote that freestyle.

On her writing process:

Sometimes I'll push myself to another limit. On the YG verse, I rewrote that a couple times, and i felt like that was really perfected. For the Danny Glover joint, I didn't feel like I perfected it. I didn't rewrite bars and have a lot of ether lines in there in my opinion. So i was like "ehh" ain't anybody gonna pay it no mind, but I'mma put it out anyway. Sure enough, everyone was going crazy over it.

On Young Thug:

I love his melodies, and just his rawness. The nigga said, "I fuck my bitch's buddies". I was like this nigga is on another level. He'll just say the most reckless shit.

Listen to the full interview below.