Remember when Nicki Minaj shared a video on her Instagram where she was heading to Prague? Well, this is what she was doing there. 

In one of her latest shares to her feed, Nicki captions the H&M promotional video saying, "👁 can finally show you what 👁 was shooting in PRAGUE 😛😩 Full &hm holiday commercial on Nov 28th!"

The short and sweet clip sees her and actor Jesse Williams seemingly playing mom and dad. Nicki looks at Jesse and says, "She wants a story, good luck dad." The video then shows a little girl snuggled in bed. Once Jesse starts saying "Once upon a time..." we see the girl roaming alone in an enchanted forest. The video ends and we're told the full version will be available November 28th. Watch the full clip below.

Nicki Minaj fans on Twitter reveal that the snippet is part of a whole short film that will follow a family narrative, touching on a theme that will be about good versus evil. A tweet reveals that Nicki will play both the mother and a fairy called Wisest Thingy. 

This isn't the first time the retail giant has teamed up with the likes of those in the hip-hop lane. The Weeknd has been a face for the brand for a couple collections where he most recently debuted a capsule for Fall 2017.

The XO stamped hoodies and satin bombers were a hot staple for the cold weather approaching.