We all know that whenever Nicki Minaj tweets, her cult of Barbz are not far behind. The rapper's dedicated fanbase are some of the most loyal supporters of any artist and they've flocked by the tens of thousands to her defense over any little thing. New mom Nicki has been enjoying her private time with newlywed husband Kenneth Petty and their newborn son, and it seems that she's been ordering her fair share of fast food. Nicki tweeted a few simple grievances with both Red Lobster and Wendy's and soon, the restaurants were inundated with messages from the Barbz.

Nicki Minaj, Barbz, Red Lobster, Wendys

"Idk who needs to hear this but Dear Red Lobster, when I order fried shrimp Fried shrimp I PROMISE U, I want TARTER SAUCE. Not cocktail sauce. At least put both," wrote the rapper. "Sincerely, mother of a new born w/no nanny. Also, Wendy’s: Pls stop forgetting my ranch sauce with my chkn nuggets."

Some people thought it was funny that Nicki continues to eat at Red Lobster considering she was fired from the restaurant chain many moons ago. After she shared her tweet, thousands of responses surfaced on Twitter. Some were calling for boycotts of both restaurants while others openly chastised the chains over messing up the rapper's food order. Recently, a group of fans somehow acquired Nicki's phone number and included her in a group chat, so the rapper shared their numbers online and, unsurprisingly, the Barbz were unleashed. Check out a few reactions below.