Ever since they linked up last summer, Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty have been a hot topic in the entertainment world. At first, fans were worried about the Queen because of Petty's criminal history. The man has spent time in prison for rape and murder. Once the initial shock of it all wore off, they started to post images of themselves boo'd up and in love, getting down and dirty in public. Nicki and Kenny know each other from way back, growing up in the same neighborhood and having crushes on one another since they were kids. Before Minaj, Petty was dating a bartender named Noelle, who has a pretty solid social media presence. Last night, Noelle scared her followers by posting the aftermath of an attack in her home.

The Queens native posted a photo of blood on the floor, telling fans about what happened. "Thank god my daughter wasn’t home and I’m thinking god I’m still alive," she wrote before explaining that she was shot at by somebody who was specifically targeting her. "Came to shoot me in my own home and dropped your gun !! I’m out of commission for a few. Pray for me." 

Noelle also shared a video of her face on her Instagram story, which appears to have been badly beaten during the attack. Thankfully, she's alright after such a terrifying experience.