The MTV European Music Video Awards were this past Sunday and among all the artists that were present, Nicki Minaj seemed to be the talk of the town since many were going online with all kinds of comments about her hairstyle. Nicki rocked a short blonde wig, that was fitted by her hairstylist Tae (A.K.A. Arrogant Tae), and according to Bossip the hate got so bad he deleted his social media page.

Nicki fans flooded Tae's Instagram and Twitter which prompted him to speak out with a furious post to the haters. “Protect Your ENERGY…Some of yall miserable asses need to live n be happy! Some of y’all don’t have no life in y’all, y’all try n put on these acts to be somebody y’all not or try n plese ppl n kiss they ass," he wrote. "like nahhh!!! Be f**king you n do wtf you want n if a mf ain’t plesaed with, tell they ass ‘ADIOS’"

According to the publication, Tae made an Instagram post asking for suggestions on ways to help the homeless this year for the holidays and someone replied: “Look into doing Nicki’s hair better" - yikes. Check out her look below, do you guys think it's that bad?