Though Nicki Minaj seems to feel mixed emotions about Queen's position on the charts, we can only hope she'll be pleased with this latest development. Despite being mere weeks young, Minaj's new album has officially hit gold status, in fewer than two weeks time. Clearly, fan favourites like "Majesty" and "Barbie Dreams" helped drive the project's success, and will no doubt continue to do so. 

The news arises on the same day Travis Scott's Astroworld has reached platinum status, which will no doubt add fuel to the fire. On one hand, it feels counter-productive to keep the Scott vs. Nicki battle alive. Yet the sword was unsheathed by her own hand, and one has to wonder if any further comments will ensue. To be fair, the success of songs like Travis' "Butterfly Effect" may have contributed to the early platinum status, seeing as Minaj and Scott's first week sales weren't exactly far off. 

Despite being recognized by fans as a strong body of work, many haters have become increasingly vocal in their anti-Minaj sentiments. Despite the project's divisive nature, Queen seems positioned to inevitably hit platinum sooner rather than later. It's sad how much of the post-release narrative has deviated away from the music, but them are the breaks. Read our review of Queen here