If Nicki Minaj's Queen Radio podcast is something you simply live without, then you're in for a decent case of the Mondays. The next episode of her radio show on Beats 1 will air tomorrow at 1pm. Nicki Minaj uses the program to so many ends. Sometimes she uses the platform to her air her grievances, other times it's to promulgate fresh content, her brand, charitable donations, you name it. Now that she has her own platform with as wide a net as Zane Lowe's program, Nicki Minaj has effectively cut out the "middle man." 

Though it's hard to pinpoint exactly what she has in store, I think it's safe to assume she might shed light on the shoe-throwing incident with Cardi B. She has every right to "put herself over" should she stoop to that level. We've already reported that she likely won't press charges since she avoided injury and ridicule. On the last episode of Queen Radio, Nicki rehashed her Cocksucka of the Day segment, she spoke of a new love interest, she announced a donation of $25,000 to Geoffrey Owens, among other talking points. We'll have to tune in tomorrow at 1pm Eastern Time, to set the record straight on the week that WASN'T. Never a dull moment when it comes to Nicki Minaj