Nicky Diamonds, the founder and owner of Diamond Supply Co., was allegedly beat up and robbed of over $2 million in jewelry during a home invasion at his Hollywood Hills, California home early Sunday morning.

Diamonds, whose real name is Nick Tershay, was reportedly left with some bumps and bruises following the attack by the five armed robbers who also left with a rifle and a pistol along with the jewelry. 

One person close to the situation, Ted Dhanick, said there are always people staying over at the house so it looks like it may have been a calculated inside job.

"He’s always got people staying there," Dhanick said. "He’s got a lot of friends. So [the robbers] could’ve been anyone."

“Why would you keep $2 million worth of stuff in your house?” said John Devoe, a neighbor.

According to reports, Diamonds has been trying to sell the house for $8 million and held an open house about six months ago.