Nicole Richie has officially released a new rap album called Unearthed, which is about saving the bees, eating your veggies, and more.

The move has been captured by her new show on Quibi, where she describes her music as such:

"Conscious trap is music for everybody: teachers, rabbis, Virgos... But mostly moms and gays. My name is Nikki Fre$h. I am a gardener, a speaker for the bees, and a trap icon. I'm bringing a voice to our planet. Plants, bees, interspecies. Wellness has a new voice. A Black voice. Me, I'm Black."

This is... something. Not sure if it's a good idea but the statement she's making here is definitely... special.

Releasing the album as Nikki Fre$h, her new album Unearthed is obviously a joke with some underlining messages attached. It serves as a comedy album but she is saying some things that are important to hear. We're not sure that making a complete mockery out of rap music and its listeners was the right way to go about making said message but hey...

A twenty-two-minute foray into her new rap career, Nikki Fre$h's new album includes a voicemail message from her father Lionel Richie, who questions why she's even doing this, and more.

We've included a stream of the project below. Listen if you feel like it.