There's an uprising happening across America with a need for immediate change that no one can ignore. The murder of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, among many others, has shined a bright spotlight on why there's a need for change in the system as a whole, especially within the police force.

Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Getty Images

In a recent interview with THR, Niecy Nash explained that she hasn't been in a great space since the murder of George Floyd. While she's donated money with the cast of Reno 911, she said that even as a prominent, wealthy star, that doesn't prevent her and her family from experiencing terrifying experiences with the police.. She said that the police pulled a taser on him and questioned him based on the T-Mobile shirt he was wearing.

"My son got stopped leaving my house last Sunday," she said. "And they pulled a taser on him for a rolling stop. And then proceeded to question him and ask him, 'You have on a T-Mobile shirt. Do you work there? Because if you do, how did you afford this car? Because this is a 2020.'"

She added, "They don't know if he was a manager. They don't know if he was an owner. They don't know if he had a rich mama. But what they probably felt like was. 'How did this young black boy get a car that I don't even have?" And we fitting to make you suffer for it."

Along with dealing with these experiences as a Black mother, she said that she's received questions and calls from people asking what they can do to help the Black community at this time. "I'm trying to figure out what to tell my own son. I used to say, if you just comply, get home, and if there was a wrong that happened, we'll right it later. But now we watched a murder on national TV when George Floyd was murdered," she said. " People are calling me, asking me to tell them something. And I'm trying to figure out what to tell mine."

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