African superstar Rema found himself trending today after putting pretty much everything and anything on blast. The rising Nigerian Afrobeats star went on a Kanye-esque rant on Twitter, calling out industry politics, promoters, old flings and so much more.

It started off earlier today when it was revealed that he's received over 100M plays on AudioMack so far. It's a massive accomplishment for anyone, especially a burgeoning star. This, however, opened the doors for a broader dialogue regarding his position in the game. But as he launched his a storm of tweets, he acknowledged that management will likely change his password.

"N***as don’t wanna see a kid win, they feel I got it too easy. I shower with my sweat, we go off on this side like the days in BENIN it got nun to do with my deal, come and sign these papers without a hustler spirit, you gone lose! Management gone change my password now," he tweeted. The recent accolade on AudioMack evidently put Rema in a place where he can comfortably talk his shit after grinding in humility. "I climbed this cliff with bunch of rejected beats. Some n***as hate me because of that." 

His massive international break was when Obama co-signed his single, "IRONMAN" by placing it on his annual summer playlist. A milestone for any artist, Rema insisted that there isn't another singer in the world that would've been able to do what he did to that beat. "Thank you OBAMA for seeing what I saw in Ironman, lot of n***as couldn’t. I was 18 when I made that song, the beat got 6 sounds. I’ll give that simple beat to half the game and I won’t get a record as strong as IRONMAN," he continued.

Elsewhere in his rant, he explained the role Ozedikus played in his career. The producer had put many beats in Rema's hands at a time when he wasn't necessarily able to pay for studio time. A reason why his first studio engineer left. He also issued a public apology to someone named Eric that he had apparently stolen a laptop from out of necessity. He also used the Twitter virality to shed some light on the Nigerian government. Check out the full rant below.