It's been months since Ottawa rapper Night Lovell announced his upcoming albumGood Night Lovell. At the time, he promised a "dark story," which would be released whenever it was "ready." Though it's been relatively quiet on the Lovell front since, it would appear that the wheels have once again kicked into motion. That is to say, perhaps we're reaching the competion point, and thus, the eventual release. We can only hope.  

In any case, it would appear that Lovell is as anxious as we are. The young Soundcloud phenomenon took to Twitter to provide an update on the project, switching to ALL-CAPS for the occasion. "I CANT WAIT TO SHARE DIS SHIT WIT YOU N****," writes Lovell. "ITS BEEN SO MUCH TRAPPED IN MY HEAD I WANT U TO EXPERIENCE TOO. ADDING FINAL TOUCHES TO GOODNIGHTLOVELL. A WHOLE FUCKING EXPERIENCE."

Clearly, the project is indeed nearing the completion stages, though in our experience, "final touches" is a wide-ranging field. Still, it's clear that Lovell's voice will be heard in the new future, and we can look forward to experiencing his "Dark Story" together.