While there are those who might shake their heads at the idea of having to pay several hundred dollars for re-sold Yeezy sneakers, that still doesn't hold a candle to how much this one pair of Nikes went for at auction.

We previously reported that the original Nike Air Mag, which was worn by Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly in the classic film, Back To The Future II, was up for auction. At the time that article was written, the bidding had already surpassed $18k, but the final total the sneaker sold for turned out to be much, much higher.

According to Sole Collector, the bidding, which closed after 220 bids, finally closed at a massive $92,100. As is evident by the pictures above, the shoe itself is in pretty miserable condition, as the sole is pretty much non-existent at this point. However, that just goes to show just how valuable this pair of iconic Nike history truly is.

The sneaker was put on auction by Ebay user shoezeum, who originally obtained it from the personal collection of a Nike employee. As one of the few pairs of the shoe made for the production of the film, its about as rare are you can get in regards to sneakers.

The Nike Air Mags were infamously retro-ed and put up for auction back in 2011, with the updated model also reaching massive prices. Once Nike truly gets the self-lacing technology right, they stand to make a killing with the next retro of the Air Mag.