Nike has been changing their approach to player exclusive sneakers as of late. Before, player exclusive would remain exactly that, exclusive. However, in recent months rumors have sprung up around player exclusive sneaker designs being available for the general public. It started with a rumored pack of Kobe Bryant player exclusive Air Jordan sneakers, and now we’ve got rumors of three player exclusive versions of the Nike HyperRev 2016.

A Niketalk (online sneaker forum) user thapointguy discovered that Foot Locker’s Launch Locator has three Nike HyperRev 2016 PE’s listed in the shoe selector menu. The players in question are even more surprising – DeAndre Jordan, Draymond Green and DeMarcus Cousins. Not to say these players aren’t worthy of a shoe, just that over the years big men have become less of a focal point for both the game of basketball and the NBA’s marketing efforts. Doubly interesting is that DeAndre Jordan did not make the all-star team, so we have no idea what his player exclusive will look like. Sounds like Nike gambled on him making the team and lost.

Each of the three shoes is listed with a release date of tomorrow, February 19, but there’s a catch – the shoes will only be available in each player’s city. So if you want Draymond Green’s shoe, you’ll have to be in the greater Bay Area. If you want DeMarcus Cousins’ PE, you’ll have to be in the Sacramento area. DeAndre Jordan? Los Angeles. With such a limited release, it seems like Nike isn’t ready to fully commit to their talented big men yet.

Head over to Footlocker’s site to peep the exact locations.