Nike will not be supplying the Iranian national soccer team with any gear throughout the World Cup, as the United States government recently reinstated its trade sanctions against the Middle Eastern country.

A company statement reads, “U.S. sanctions mean that, as a U.S. company, Nike cannot supply shoes to players in the Iranian national team at this time. Sanctions applicable to Nike have been in place for many years and are enforceable by law.”

Iran’s coach, Carlos Queiroz, was critical of Nike’s decision, and has demanded an apology for his team. Querioz argues, “Players get used to their sports equipment, and it’s not right to change them a week before such important matches. We are only managers and footballers, and should not get involved in such matters. But we are asking FIFA to help us with this.”

“My duty is to create happiness, fun and entertainment for the people,” said Queiroz, during a recent interview with the British edition of GQ. “Iran is a country rich in tradition and thousands of years of history. It’s just a pity that the perception of Iran around the world is not the right or real one, nor the one the Iranian people deserve.”

“We struggle to travel, to have training camps, to bring opponents, to buy equipment,” Queiroz said. “Even buying shirts is a challenge, but these challenges helped me fall in love with Iran. These difficulties become a source of inspiration to the people, it makes them more united, to fight for their country. These boys deserve a smile from the rest of the world.”

Iran kicked off their World Cup run today with a Group B match against Morocco.