Nino Man & Vado Rep That New York Sh*t On "Harlem Nights"

Nino Man & Vado link up to deliver some visuals for "Harlem Nights."

Jadakiss' protoge Nino Man has been steadily killing it for a minute. It doesn't take long to understand the young rapper's modus operandi, which is to say, his intent on keeping that New York street shit alive. Some more cynical listeners have decried New York's seeming inability to evolve, yet others dub that line of thinking as faulty as they come. No matter where you stand, rest assured that the New York sound is here to stay. Should that be your cup of tea, be sure to support the latest endeavor from Nino Man.

Together with Harlem's own Vado, the pair of rappers hold it down for some visuals from Benji Filmz. Conceptually, we're not exactly looking at reinvention. Still, it's a good look for the duo; putting names to faces goes a long way in establishing rapport. Peep the latest clip now, and sound off below.

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