A few weeks back, Cardi B got caught up in some gang issues after posting a picture of herself in blue coat with the caption reading, "I hate wearing Flue but this coat was too poppin." "Flue" is used among Bloods to replace the word "blue." Her post garnered the attention of Crip members who began sending death threats her way. She, as well as the Migos, have increased the amount of security around them for the NBA  All-Star Weekend. Nipsey Hussle recently did an interview where he addressed the situation and explained what Cardi should be able to do to correct herself.

Nipsey, a known Crip member, was on Big Boy's Neighborhood earlier today to promote Victory Lap. The rapper was asked about what Cardi would be able to do in this situation. The rapper started off by explaining that there's a difference between gangs in L.A. and NYC. He further explained that what she said is just in the dialect but it's something that's typically kept in private conversations among other gang members. However, he did explain how Cardi B should deal with the scenario.

"That's how Bloods talk amongst they self. Crips gonna say certain words also. A Crip might say "dead" instead of saying "red" like how a Blood might say "flue" instead of "blue." But the disrespect happens when you go public and you not in your privacy of your hood or your homies and you talkin' like that publicly." He said, "You never heard Game say "flue" or "crab." You never heard Nip say "dead" or "slob" in a record based on the respect. What I realize too and what I learned growing up is that whatever you say in private, you gotta be able to say in public. So if you're not gonna be able to walk into a room full of Crips and say that, don't say it. At the end of the day, she's a woman, she's a female, everybody loving her wave, everybody loving her music. It's just something she should probably correct—go public and say look, ‘This is how Bloods talk privately. We ain't mean no disrespect.'"

He further explained that it's a touchy subject and in L.A., gangbanging is a lifestyle that people take seriously because it is part of their culture. However, he did say that he doesn't feel like she's in any actual danger.

You could watch the full interview below with the Cardi bit starting at 11:30.