A Nipsey Hussle mural has been vandalized with stickers in Los Angeles. TMZ reports that sources at Sneakertopia, where the mural is painted, say that 6 adults with 9 children came into the establishment and some of the kids were up to no good. The security camera footage shows one child jumping up onto a ledge so he can reach the Nipsey mural and then he jumps up again to slap on a "Frugal" sticker to one of Nip's eyes.

Then, a second child follows in the first one's footsteps and slaps another "Frugal" sticker onto the late rapper's other eye. The stickers were removed and unfortunately caused some damage to the piece of art that is valued between $10,000 and $15,000. The artist will be touching up the mural to restore it and hopefully, it will look good as new.

Although it is uncertain as to whether or not these minors knew who Nipsey Hussle was, the fact that they still vandalized anything is delinquency. Adding additional disrespect to the incident, the entire group posed in front of the mural before they left with the "Frugal" stickers plastered on Nip's face.

Check out the video below to see the security footage of the vandalism in action.