TMZ caught up with Nipsey Hussle on Wednesday and asked him what his thoughts were about LeBron James returning to his hometown of Cleveland tonight to take on his old team Cavs. The cameraman asked Nip if he thinks LeBron will hear boo’s, to which Nipsey says no way.

“They not gonna boo Lebron. LeBron brought that city a new economy, a chip, they got them a championship, ton of money came back to the city. He put on for Cleveland. I got respect for him. I can’t see them booing LeBron tonight,” he added.

The rap star added that the King deserves to get treated like royalty, but if the fans somehow do end up booing him it it won't faze LBJ. "It's donuts to a fat b*tch ... Bron ain't trippin' on that s**t,” Nip said.

LeBron’s return to Quicken Loans Arena was insane the first time around in 2010, but at that time he hadn’t won a championship for the city. So hopefully things should go a lot better tonight.

The Cavs x Lakers are set to tip off at 7PM CST on ESPN.