DJ Akademiks is a polarizing figure in the rap world. While there's a lot of people that rock with Akademiks, there's equally as many people that dislike him, heavily. One of those people who isn't feeling Akademiks in Nipsey Hussle. In a recent interview, Neighborhood Nipsey said that Akademiks deserves to get fucked up for comments he said about 21 Savage.

In an interview with New Hip Hop News podcast, Nipsey Hussle essentially explained why he doesn't fuck with DJ Akademiks or Complex, for that matter. He explained why Akademiks criticizing 21 Savage's recent decision to stop wearing jewelry to invest in the youth was a toxic message.

"They said recently that 21 Savage said that he stopped buying jewelry and he gon' spend his money on investing. You know, that's a powerful message." He said, "Akademiks criticized him and said, 'I don't want to hear nothin' but killin' and I'm about to kill the opps.' and he like 'I don't want to hear that from 21 Savage.' That shit right there get you fucked up. And we supposed to fuck n*ggas up for that. Period. It ain't supposed to be  understanding. We supposed to catch you at ComplexCon or where ever you at and we supposed to spank you for that. And you supposed to learn 'I was wrong.'"

Nipsey also elaborated that he's been paying attention to DJ Akademiks message for a while but he doesn't want to knock his hustle. However, he also blames Complex for adding "gas to them sparks" for ad revenue.

"You got companies that add gas to them sparks for their own interest and then they sell advertising space and I don't like that shit. I'm clear on what that motto is." He said, "You playin' wit n*ggas. You coonin, like you said. You taking something that's serious and that people doin' with integrity and you spinnin' it for some fuck shit and I don't agree with that."

He later compares Akademiks' actions to the same way the media made the East Coast vs. West Coast beef bigger than it actually was that eventually resulted in the deaths of Biggie and 2Pac.

Peep the clips below.