Nipsey Hussle's clothing boutique in LA was the scene of a scary brawl ending in gunfire. Witnesses say the two customers engaged in the fight, drew each other's ire while posted in the parking lot. Before long the misunderstanding turned into a lopsided brawl, with the man on his backheel producing a weapon of sorts. Errant shots were then fired, right outside the shop.

The scare tactic worked on two ends. Yes, the "aggressor" wound up fleeing the scene, and the man wielding a weapon was spared any further humiliation. But on the flip side, it only served to escalate the issue in the eyes of the police. Lucky for him, the three eyewitnesses on the scene were in no talking mood. Cops did, however, find a markup of blood in the parking lot, which they swabbed as evidence.

Nipsey Hussle who owns the wildly popular was not among the three witnesses cops tried to pry information out of. The Crenshaw rapper was in NYC for the Diamond Ball with his friends in high places. Cops are hoping they can finagle video surveillance to further cause, otherwise, the case looks to be a dead end. Neither party is being held in custody as of right now.