NLE Choppa has long been a champion for being outspoken on the net, often chiming in to add his two-cents into the most current pop culture topics. Usually one to chime in on more lighthearted conversations, the 18-year-old "Shotta Flow" artist has previously opened up about trouble with his label and the industry. Back in November of 2020, the young rapper claimed he had been blackballed from the industry after his "Paradise" video was taken down from Youtube.

The typically easy-going Memphis-native had a more serious tone in the series of tweets he sent out on Thursday (January 21st) declaring he was done releasing music. "Not dropping anything else after my video tomorrow. Warner records are trying to disable my freedom of speech on the platform I worked best," he began in the exposè. He went on to declare, "Until this change this will be the final video I put out on my behalf.... love y’all always."

He went on to explain more in the next tweet the nature of his label-deal, adding, "Not signed to a label I have a partnership with APG and Warner for my label No Love Entertainment." He then criticized the major-distributors for their management of his career, explaining, "Since they aren’t moving like partners I won’t be doing anything else I have creative control to do this so I will be using my creativity when I know everyone’s on board. Thank u."

The rapper will is expected to release the video for an unreleased song sometime today. What do you make of NLE Choppa's claims? Let us know down in the comments.