Memphis teenager NLE Choppa has only been taking music seriously for a few months but already, he's made millions of dollars and created hits that will go down in history. Right now, the young star is pushing his "Camelot" single to the masses, celebrating over 71 million global streams thus far. His previous success, "Shotta Flow," is the track that put him on the map. Despite his newfound fame and notoriety, Choppa needed to be careful with how he was moving. The 16-year-old was marked in the system as a juvenile, staying on probation for a bit before he was finally allowed to resume his regular routine this week, announcing that he is officially off papers.

John Sciulli/Getty Images

Sharing his mugshot and information on social media, NLE Choppa noted that he is no longer on the books as a juvenile offender. The leader of No Love Entertainment told the world that he doesn't need to report to a probational officer anymore, indicating his freedom and crossing his fingers that he doesn't run into any similar situations in the near future.

What do you see in NLE Choppa's future? Do you think he can end up being one of the most popular rappers out of Memphis? With a loaded scene of talent in the South, he's setting himself up nicely for a career of success, riches and notoriety.