NLE Choppa made some bold statements to his Twitter followers about his music career on Friday. The rapper hopped on what he feels is "the only app I really knew how to connect with my fans on" to open up about how how he really feels about "this music sh*t," and it's not looking good for Choppa supporters. It appears as though he might be throwing in the towel, or, at the very least, he won't be putting as much effort and care into his work anymore. 

"Done taking this music sh*t serious folks," he wrote. "I’ll just chill ion like this b*tch ass sh*t anyway." Choppa's last body of work came in the form of his debut EP, Cottonwood, back in December. His most recent solo single, "100 Shots," just dropped last month, followed by his collab with Roddy Ricch, "Walk Em Down." He also hopped on Blueface's "Holy Moly" and Polo G's "Go Stupid" along with Stunna Vegas earlier this year. However, if this tweet is any indication, he won't be be rolling out any dope features or upcoming projects any time soon.

Right before tweeting his current state of mind about music, Choppa insisted that, "Ion say sh*t for attention I said it cus I meant it!" This kind of statement coupled with his possible disregard for pursuing music further is concerning for fans, considering the recent comments he's made regarding his mental health. Last month, Choppa opened up about struggling with depression, an experience that he planned on discussing in his upcoming music. He went on to post an alarming message about suicide, tweeting, "Imma Kill Myself The Last Day Of December 2020." We hope that Choppa is taking care of himself and that he finds his love of music again so he can use it to heal his pain.