NLE Choppa keeps on evolving before our very eyes. Following his shocking transformation from a violent rapper to a peaceful earth-loving artist, the 18-year-old star becomes even more relatable through his response to A$AP Bari, who called him out on social media for wearing fake Vlone.

The designer of popular streetwear brand Vlone, Bari singled out NLE Choppa for wearing a piece of his merchandise that was not legitimate, seeking to embarrass the young rapper online. However, the moment was seemingly one that Choppa was actually proud about, claiming that he's got eight figures in his bank account and will wear all the fake designer clothing he wants to. In his eyes, that's how he's going to keep his wealth.

"Please Tell This Man Stop Wearing Fake Vlone," wrote A$AP Bari on Instagram Stories. The post was picked up by several hip-hop media outlets before finding the rapper. His tweets prove that he's not ashamed, despite the fact that he was caught red-handed.

"You buy the real sh*t, I throw the fu sh*t on and still up 8 figures. Tell em my deal was 6 Million ion care what the f*ck I wear sincerely," wrote NLE Choppa in response. "Tell em send it to me then. He need my PO Box? Tell Mr. Vlone I got a PO Box if he wanna send me a hoodie since he care so much. Imma 8 figure n***a my deal was 6m’s I’ll wear the fu sh*t any day ion care bout material sh*t that’s how imma stay rich boy."

You've gotta give some props to NLE Choppa. Despite his young age, he's shown a lot of maturity in the last year. While there's definitely an argument to be made about the ethical nature of buying rip-off designer clothing, many people can't afford the real thing, yet still want to look fresh. NLE Choppa can definitely afford all the designer stuff, but as he says, he plans on staying rich by not wasting his money and getting the cheaper alternatives.