No I.D. is one of the most respected producers in the hip-hop game. He's an established veteran that has helped construct classics, and he's always known his worth. That's why No I.D. turned down a contract to become part of a Roc-A-Fella supergroup back in the late 90's. No I.D. sat down at the Red Bull Music Festival, and Billboard reports that he explained why he didn't join Kanye and Just Blaze at the Roc. 

“Around Resurrection I had developed a relationship with Roc-A-Fella, which was around JAY-Z’s first album,” No I.D. said. After working with Jay some more, No I.D. was offered a contract. “I just didn’t like the paperwork,” he continued. “I had worked all these years so I wanted my money now. It was me, Bink, Just Blaze, and Kanye, And me and Bink were like, 'we don’t like this business.' If you look at the back of Beanie [Sigel]'s The Reason album it says it was produced by all of us for Roc the World. That was what the team was gonna be. But we all looked at the paperwork and Just Blaze and Ye were like 'Alright. I don’t care. Whatever. We’re down. And  me and Bink were like 'Nah.' It was funny because there were certain people after that happened that we’re like 'You blew it. It’s over. you’re a dummy.' Because Roc-A-Fella explodes. But I had put much blood sweat and tears in before that to just be cool and accepted.”