In an era where phones continue to get bigger, sleeker and generally more futuristic, Nokia is doing the unexpected – re-releasing a brick-style phone. Specifically, there’s a report that the European phone-maker will be re-releasing the Nokia 3310, which originally dropped in the year 2000.

Aside from the obvious novelty of releasing a hilariously outdated phone in 2016, the Nokia 3310 is notable for another reason. It is infamous for its supposed indestructibility, making it the ultimate burner phone and basically a meme at this point. The indestructibility has been put to the test in more ways than you can imagine, and we’ve compiled a few here to illustrate the point.

The phone is reportedly releasing for only $63, with a battery life that is expected to surpass the original. So if you ever found yourself in need of simple, incognito phone, this one is the grail. Plus, it could make for a hilarious gift to any friend that seems to perpetually have a broken screen on their phone. Welcome to 2017, the year when phones started getting retroed like sneakers.

[via VentureBeat]