While Fifth Harmony have officially confirmed that they'll be going on an "indefinite hiatus," each member of the group were already beginning to solidify their careers as solo artists. Camilla Cabello was already on her way since last year and at this point, the next member who will likely end up with a successful solo career is Normani. Over the past few months, she's been gearing up to fully establish herself as a solo artist and it truly began when she released her collaboration with Khalid on Valentine's Day. The two of them have been rumored to be dating for a minute, but Normani recently decided to shut down those rumors in a recent interview.

Normani confirmed that she's not dating Khalid in an interview with Nessa on Hot97. Nessa slyly slipped in a question pertaining to their alleged romantic relationship to which Normani replied, "We're just friends. He's like my best friend." However, it seems like there's still hope for them as a couple in the future. She said that "it wouldn't be a bad idea because I actually really love him a lot."

She later detailed how neither of them take each other too seriously and it was made evident during their recent performance on Fallon.

"The thing is, we don't even take each other that seriously. Like, we were on Fallon, and there's supposed to be this super serious part at the end where we're supposed to look at each other, right? And it's supposed to be this tension." She explained, "We laughed. Because we don't take each other seriously in that way. I love him so, so much but we're the best of friends."

Peep the full interview below with her addressing the dating rumors around the 18:00 mark.