Shock value was everything for Odd Future when they were getting started. Whether donning ski masks and performing alongside possessed-looking girls on Jimmy Fallon, detailing ridiculously violent sexual encounters, or mixing seemingly-lethal drug cocktails in their music videos, the L.A. crew first got attention for their antics, in addition to their considerable talents. 

Although they've mellowed out a little in recent years-- with Earl Sweatshirt no longer rapping about "Mrs. Claus tripping balls" and Tyler, The Creator releasing his happiest album to date with Wolf -- Earl's new video proves that a horror film-inspired darkness still lurks underneath a lot of their music. While more light-hearted members like Mike G, Frank Ocean, Domo Genesis and Syd The Kid never really got into that darker space with their music, pretty much everyone else in the crew did, at one point or another.

Leading off with Earl's "Grief" visuals, here are their most skin-crawlingly disturbing music videos.