Those who follow either Odell Beckham Jr. and Drake on Instagram will know that the two clean-cut gentleman -- with a similar affinity for workout-mode selfies -- are good friends. They both played in the celebrity softball game at last year's Houston Appreciation Weekend, curated by Drake, and that was "the start of a friendship that'll carry through a lifetime," said Beckham in a one-on-one conversation with UFC star Ronda Rousey put together by Draft Kings

Also during the interview, which took place during SXSW, Beckham revealed that he had been living at Drake's house to provide the OVO rapper company while he finished up his long-awaited fourth album, Views from the 6. "I'm just there working out," said Beckham (visual proof can be seen below). "He needs to chill out with that house he has out there. There's just too much going on," the Giants wide receiver told Rousey.

From Beckham's comments, it's hard to tell which of Drake's residences he's talking about, though one would think -- considering the album title -- Drake would be situated somewhere nearby the 6. Then again, Beckham's workout pic doesn't look like Toronto usually does around this time of year.  

Views is set for release some time this month, and fans are on their toes awaiting the surprise drop at any moment. Earlier today, Pitchfork received a report suggesting that the album will likely arrive toward the end of the month. It's unclear if Beckham will be shacking up at Drizzy's until then, but from now on, fans are gonna be hounding him for the inside scoop on the year's most anticipated album.