Odell Beckham Jr. had himself in quite the compromising position this past weekend when his Cleveland Browns took on the Baltimore Ravens in a divisional rivalry game. The Browns came away with an impressive 40-25 victory although OBJ only came away with two catches for 20 yards. Interestingly enough, Beckham's production was the last thing on people's minds as he got into a bit of an altercation with Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey.

At one point, the two end up on the ground together and it looks like Humphrey has his hands around Beckham's neck. After the game, the Ravens released slow-motion footage where they claim Humphrey never did what was originally reported. Today, Beckham spoke out about the altercation where he said things could have been a lot worse had he wanted them to, according to TMZ.

"There was an opportunity for me to really take things way further," Beckham said. "He was on the ground, I was standing up still. And, I kind of just let the moment pass. I've come a long way. I probably would have been suspended for the next game if I would have done what I wanted to do."

Beckham went on to say that he doesn't want to turn the game into MMA and that he couldn't care less whether he was really choked or not. OBJ just wants to move on and focus on this weekend's game against the San Francisco 49ers.