The NFL Pro Bowl happened yesterday, although you could be forgiven for not realizing it. Even though the superstar-packed performance may not be the most riveting for fans, players understandably relish the opportunity and the honor. New York Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was certainly excited to play, and he commemorated his second Pro Bowl by wearing a pair of custom Nike cleats modeled after the legendary Nike Air Mag sneakers.

The Nike Air Mags were originally modeled after the self-lacing kicks Marty McFly dons in “Back to the Future Part II,” and they go for a pretty penny online (for those too lazy to click, $8,500). Beckham’s custom rendition keeps the same color scheme, and also manages to include subtle touches like the original’s paint splatter pattern along the heel and midsole, “Nike Mag” on the heels, and even a light up up panel on the outside of each shoe.

The customs were created by prolific customizer Kickasso, who has also created custom sneakers for the likes of Kevin Durant and Diamond Supply Co. Check out his offerings over at his site, you will not be disappointed.

Did any of y’all notice Odell Beckham Jr.’s dope customs during the game yesterday? The Nike Air Mags are set to release again in 2016, so you can get in on the action for yourself.