It looks like all is well again with Offset & Cardi B. On Wednesday afternoon, the two were spotted shopping together in the Beverly Hills neighborhood. Of course, TMZ was able to catch up to the power couple, and decided to ask them what they thought of Paris Hilston’s new $2 million dollar engagement ring.

Offset says it's in the same ballpark as the one he got Cardi, despite the $1.5 million price difference. “Same thing,”  Offset says while getting into the SUV. “Same type, same drip,” he added. However as pointed out, Cardi’s ring weighs in around 11 carats, while Paris's ring is 20. So it’s pretty clear that the ring’s aren't the “Same thing” as Offset says, but he’s still a smart shopper in comparison to price & what he got for it.

When the cameraman showed Cardi B the picture of Paris’ ring, she said from the backseat out the window “it’s pretty,” while eating a popsicle in true Cardi fashion.

Before speeding off though, the cameraman asked if the two should be headlining Coachella together as a couple to which Offset responded like a G… “We the culture,” and took off. It was just revealed that both Cards & Migos will be performing on Sunday at Coachella, so don't be surprised if they do hit the stage together some point.

Check out the encounter (below), and peep Cardi's new verse on Bruno Mars' remix of "Finesse," which just dropped today.