We're not too sure what the exact dog count is for Cardi B and Offset, but considering their pooch had at least eight puppies back in June and they probably kept one (or two) they've now announced another addition to their growing family. Cardi uploaded a photo to Instagram that sees Offset holding a cute puppy on his shoulder. "We got another 1!yaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy," she captioned the shot. 

Aside from Cardi's addition to her at home crew, a more exciting tidbit of information coming from the rapper is the recent report that she's linking with Meek Mill on an upcoming track. "Someone I trust told me last night that Meek and Cardi 100% have a song together," Adam22 tweeted. Adam is known for his successful podcast No Jumper and is constantly surrounded by industry cats so his word and sources on the matter for sure go a long way. Only time will tell if the rumours are true, but we're here for it either way.