Offset has been on a winning streak of late, as fans continue to embrace his Father Of 4 album's surprising staying power; if it's been a minute since you revisited the project, consider doing so, if only to gauge your revised reaction. Yet not everything is rosy in Offset's domain, as evidenced by this latest report from TMZ. As you might remember from last year's Met Gala, Giovanni Arnold, a man reportedly seeking autographs from both Offset and Cardi B, found himself on the receiving end of a vicious beatdown to the point where an ambulance was called in. Despite the fact that the victim may have had a history of "hassling celebrities," he decided to press charges nevertheless.

Steve Granitz/Getty Images

Arnold previously requested that a judge reward him the default judgment, citing Offset's radio silence as the dominant reason. As it happens, the judge appears to have acquiesced to his request. By doing nothing, Offset and his team have essentially decided to take a strategic L. Yet TMZ also indicates that he may still fight the default judgment, as his wife Cardi B has been doing. Still, he's been quiet where this one is concerned, so we'll likely have to see how this one plays out.

If you don't remember the reason this lawsuit exists in the first place, check out the video of the initial incident below.