Offset and Cardi B went through quite a rough patch at the beginning of their marriage when the Father Of 4 rapper got caught playing around with other women, leading Cardi to break up with him. A lot of people in the industry advised Cardi to take Offset back but the "Be Careful" rapper took her own time to do what was best, eventually leading to her forgiving Offset and giving him another chance to prove what kind of man he can be. 

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images 

The break had proved to be wonders for the duo who share a one-year-old child together since they seem to be more in love than ever and aren't afraid to show it. From Offset's PDA with a poster of his wife, Cardi B's tattoos of her man, to Offset's constant praise of his leading lady and his PSA on those thirsty for his wife, Offset and Cardi have easily grown to become one of hip hop's hottest couples. 

The TMI shares haven't ended, however, sine Cardi's latest share to her Instagram story sees Offset's thirst for his wife as he kisses her neck, her breasts and even sucks her tongue at one point. Cardi simply giggles while her husband embraces her like no other - watch below.