A few days ago, Offset stated his desire to spend the holidays with his family. He was set on making baby Kulture's first Christmas one to remember and in order to do so, he needed to persuade his estranged wife Cardi B with something that she was practically begging for. Prior to their hookup in Puerto Rico, Bardi told her Instagram followers that she was missing Offset in bed. When photos were released of the couple on a jet ski overseas, entertainment news outlets basically blew up. Were they getting back together? Were the images old? It turns out that Cardi "just had to get f***ed," which she explained on Instagram Live. Shortly after her explanation, Offset came through with his own video to confirm the claim, hitting us with his best moves in the process.

The Migos superstar wished everybody a joyous holiday season as he told everyone that he and his wife had an A1 lovemaking session. "P U S S Y K N O C K E D M E O F F M Y F E E T B A B Y," wrote Offset on Instagram. The video attached shows the rapper dancing on the balcony with a mask over his face, hitting some trademark Michael Jackson moves and grabbing his crotch a few times.

Since her clip, Cardi B has noted that the two are not officially back together. She simply just wanted to get her fix and Set was happy to oblige. Do you think they'll be a couple again before year's end?