Offset was in the conversation for rap's MVP in 2017. His work as part of popular trio Migos, as well as his features on many hit songs and albums, has taken his fame to new heights in a very short period of time. However, after catching heat for a line he said on the YFN Lucci collab "Boss Life," where he stated that he "doesn't vibe with queers," the rapper took to social media to explain himself.

In a long message that he shared via his Instagram Story, Offset flat-out denied accusations of homophobia that arose after the lyrics went viral. "I don't even speak on sexuality," he said. "The definition ain't even that tryna make it about gays I work with them all the time at events [...]" Apparently, Offset wasn't even going to entertain the naysayers out there, but with all of the vitriol being lobbed in his direction, he couldn't stay silent any longer. 

"I'm not against nobody your choice in life I have fans that love my music I don't discriminate & I don't speak on politics or sexuality," he added. "I don't judge people." You can check out his entire explanation, courtesy of Elliott Wilson, below.

Unfortunately, casual references to the LGBT community in a derisive fashion, with the word "queer" being a commonly used word, have been part of hip-hop culture since the birth of the genre, for better or for worse. However, in the year 2018, rappers like Offset who let such an utterance slip in their lyrics, will have a hard time walking those comments back after the fact.

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Update: Offset claims that he didn't write the lyrics that have been deemed offensive by so many on social media, and even offered up the dictionary's definition of "queer" as a means to defend himself even further. Check out a screenshot of the Instagram post below.