Eariler this week, Kim Kardashian made her return to the White House to speak with Donald Trump on prison reform. Earlier this year, Kim advocated for Alice Johnson - a great-grandmother who was sentenced to life in jail for a nonviolent drug conviction - and helped her get released from prison. Since then, Kim Kardashian has been working heavily towards prison reform. According to Offset, Kim's efforts prove that she's fit to run for President.

Offset was recently pulled up on by TMZ who asked him about his thoughts on Kim Kardashian's recent political moves. The Migos rapper praised Kim Kardashian for the work she's doing and said that she'd get his vote if she were to run for president.

"I been through that shit so it's like being through it first hand, n***a. Them folks don't give a fuck about you. And then to be able to have a second chance, that's a hunnid from Kim K. I fuck with that shit," he said. "Kim for president."

"She lettin' n***as out of jail that they don't believe to stay in that mothafucka. She deserve to be president," he said. "Ain't no other president doing that shit."

Shortly after, Offset almost let out a hint on when we'll be able to see Kulture for the first time. He also hinted at when Cardi B will be making her triumphant return to the stage.

Peep the clip below.