Offset is not buying all of Guven’s Fine Jewelry’s claims in their lawsuit against him, in which they've accused him of skipping out on a $400,000 tab. On the day of Set and Guven's scheduled court hearing for a default judgement in the case, the rapper filed documents requesting that the judge dismiss the case altogether. He's claiming that the jewellers are not being totally honest in their reports of theft, noting that some of the prices they brought up were questionable. He asserts that, although he did in fact do business with Guven, there was no written contract outlining the conditions of the sale. He also adds that he didn't actually accept all of the pieces mentioned in their claims and that he even returned one of them: an 18-carat white gold tennis bracelet worth $140,000. In addition to all these specifications, he adds that he allegedly purchased an SUV for the jewellers, which was held as collateral. 

offset jeweller given fine jewelry lawsuit theftRich Fury/Getty Images

He also accused the company of failing to properly serve him the lawsuit by intentionally sending the legal papers to the wrong address. Set points out that the company must've been aware that he no longer lived at the Atlanta home where the documents were sent because Guven had sent pieces to his new address in L.A. before.

Back in September, Guven sued Offset for breach of contract, accusing him of failing to pay for several pieces including the aforementioned tennis bracelet, another tennis bracelet made of platinum with an emerald cut diamond worth $40,000, and a platinum diamond necklace with emerald cut diamonds worth nearly $95,000. In total, they're claiming he owes them $359,490. This case is ongoing.