Offset is back in jail, though it's clear this charge won't be as serious as the last, as last year, he served a nearly 8-month sentence for drugs and weapons possession and was released at the beginning of December. He was pulled over outside of a sushi restaurant in Atlanta today, reports TMZ, and the cops soon discovered he was driving with a suspended license. 

It seems that his license had been suspended for failure to pay a $316 parking ticket and failure to appear in court to address said ticket. Offset's attorney, Drew Findling, told TMZ that his client was under the impression that he had paid the necessary amount to lift the suspension on his license, but in any case, he is currently sitting in jail, as Findling reports that Offset won't be eligible for bail until tomorrow morning (Mar. 18). 

The Migos rapper was released in December partly because he accepted a plea deal that binds him to five years of probation. It's unclear exactly what the terms of his probation sentence are, but they certainly won't help him in escaping his current situation. Watch some brief footage of the arrest below, via TMZ. 

We had hoped we'd never have to say it again, but...FREE OFFSET!