Cardi B and Offset are back together, so that means that we're back to seeing all of their usual couple shenanigans. 

For a minute, it seemed certain that they would be getting a divorce. The writing was on the wall. Cardi B had filed papers with the court, explaining that she did not want to wait until the next time she got cheated on to back out of her marriage. However, the announcement was made several days prior to her birthday, giving Offset enough time to spoil the hell out of her with a new car, a billboard, and tons of parties

Set's plan worked as he won his wife back for the hundredth time

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

During their reconciliatory period, Cardi B was subject to a nude image leak, which everyone caught on social media. Unfortunately, it was her own doing. The Bronx-based superstar intended on sending a picture of her bruised lip to Offset but she accidentally uploaded the image, which also contained her nude breasts, to her Instagram Stories. The photo was promptly deleted, but that wasn't before it started making the rounds on the internet.

Last night, Cardi and Offset were chilling in bed and, for some reason, the Migos rapper felt like going live with his fans. He started teasing his wife, threatening to show her on the camera, before Cardi freaked out.

"Stop! My breasts is out," she yelled at her husband.

Offset seemingly had jokes for Cardi though.

"They done seen them t*tties before," he sang in response.

Is it too soon for Offset to be joking about such a sensitive subject?