Offset might have the most successful solo career out of anyone in the Migos right now. He's been killing every feature he's touched and dropped his album Father Of 4 which produced a few bangers. "Clout," the song featuring his wife Cardi B, was nominated for a Grammy this year. It's exciting news for both Cardi and Offset but he ended up buying himself a brand new Ferrari to celebrate the nod. Unfortunately, he seems to have gotten himself in a bit of trouble while whipping it around.

According to TMZ, Offset was pulled over earlier today in West Hollywood by the police for speeding in his new toy. Apparently, while he was speeding, it wasn't that much over the 35 mph speed limit. Luckily, he was hit with a warning by the officer who pulled him over and told him to get out of the car. The officer simply advised Offset to slow down a bit. They reportedly "hugged it out" afterward, according to the tabloid publication.

Offset has previously faced punishment for speeding. Over the summer, the rapper was pulled over just outside of Georgia. The rapper was hit with three different citations for speeding and failure to maintain his lane which racked up to $470. Although he said that he'd fight the tickets, he reportedly ended up paying them off anyways.