TMZ is reporting that Offset’s car is now at the center of police investigation after he fled the scene of his car accident yesterday morning in Atlanta, and cops want to know why. When the cops were called to the scene, Offset was nowhere to be found, and it was a passerby vehicle that had reported the accident to the police not the Migos rapper. The cops had to call a tow when they got there, but that's where things reportedly get interesting.

Sources say after the tow truck arrived, another car pulled up with two people in it, and they ended up taking some items out of the Challenger before it was towed. One of the guy was reportedly heard saying Offset crashed while swerving to avoid a pedestrian who had run out in front of him. However I lowkey question the legitimacy of this story because shouldn't there have been police on the scene if they called the tow first? Unless they left already, but that seems unlikely if it was an abandoned crash (see wrecked photo below).

There were reportedly no victims, witnesses or damage to any other vehicles, but cops still don’t know if the Migos rapper was behind the wheel or not.

Offset is doing just fine at the moment after he was briefly hospitalized following the crash. Cardi B apparently rushed to his side and even tweeted out a little message for him about the incident (see below).

There’s probably more to come with this story so we’ll keep you posted. Stay tuned.